Welcome to ACW

Our goal is to get you back

 to using that computer that you love

(or love to hate).

For the past 13 years ACW has been developing our presence in and around Smithfield-Selma, NC. Our territory has extended south-east to Southport and north-west the past Roxboro, from Rockingham in the south-west to past Elizabethtown.

We have serviced many things related to Computers, yes, we do this and yes, we do that, but the work - while one of our great pleasures - does not compare to the joy of seeing you happy with your website or device once again, be it a printer, wireless thingy, laptop, desktop, etc.

As things are developing throughout the world, we are inevitably stuck with technology and it's upward spiral of change. ACW is here to help as you delve into the wonder and sometimes agony that is our electronics.

We are not experts in every facet of today's technology. That being said, we are smart enough to partner with some of the leading providers in the world, who arguable are the best in their field.

Join us in teaming up against the troublesome I.T problems in your life.